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Intex Easy Set 12-Foot by 30-Inch Round Pool Set

Intex Easy Set 12-Foot by 30-Inch Round Pool Set
Intex Easy Set 12-Foot by 30-Inch Round Pool Set

Product Added : May 17th, 2013
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56421EG Above Ground Pool Product Type: Above Ground Pool Physical Characteristics Height: 30.0 Width: 12.0 ft Weight (Approximate): 34.30 lb

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 26 inches ; 36.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 37 pounds
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • Shipping Advisory:: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
  • ASIN: B000OR5X1A
  • Item model number: 56421EG

Customer Reviews

Be patient and you won’t have any complaints with this pool

 June 17, 2001
By Nicole L. Girard "girardfsu"
After reading every positive and negative review I could find on this pool, my husband and I decided to give this pool a try. We went over all the complaints, from treating the pool, putting a cover on the pool, and the most important thing is making sure the ground is level. So I will pass on a few tips that can help you the future pool buyer be aware of. The first thing that is the hardest part and can be a bit of a pain. You should measure out the diameter of pool and go around placing a level on a brick (or something that won’t be warped) work your way through out the circle and check to see how level your ground is. If you need to put down sand or something to make the ground as level as possible I would do it. It took my husband 2 hrs to get this done. Next we laid out a ground cover, we were really not sure if we needed this or not. Then came the pool, and using a small air compressor (not a bike pump like the video shows) it took 45 min. to completely fill the ring. You must fill ring to the point where there are no more wrinkles in it. Then we did as the video says, to remove wrinkles in the bottom of pool. With 2in of water in the pool, my husband started from the center on hands and knees pushing wrinkles to the outer edges. Then filled the pool the rest of the way, and put the cover on it when we were done. The next day we had a bad rainstorm, and when it cleared up there were leaves and dirt all over the cover. After pulling the cover back finding a clean pool, that was a plus. We found a couple of pluses to the ground cover. If you put a bucket of water next to the ladder you can wash dirt off your feet and not bring it into the pool, and when you come out of the pool you can step on the cover and not wet ground from where the kids have been splashing water out. As for chemicals, you do need them. Buy a tester, or take your water to be tested. Get a floating chlorine dispenser, clearifier, and algaecide. We haven’t used the last two yet, but you never know. So as a overview of the pool. You will get close to 15′ across on the top if your ground is level and you will be able to get the 36″ if your ground is level. Add more air the next day to the upper ring since sun expands the vinyl some. Spend the extra money to get a pool cover, it will save on time wanting to get in the pool instead of fishing things out. I know I have done a lengthy review, but I hope this information has helped you, and saved you a little time looking around as I have at everyone elses complaints. It took my husband and I 8hrs from start to finish. My husband and I enjoy our pool, but not as much as our 2 kids. So the extra work was worth it…

Great Value if you understand drawbacks

 January 9, 2009
By P. Coopersmith
This pool is a great buy for the price, but you should understand what you are getting.

1) The sides of the pool rise up as you fill the pool, therefore if you start the pool on an area with a slant you will have problems when the pool fills to the top–one side will have extra material because of the water level. The flatter the surface the better. You can make this work on ground that is somewhat uneven, but it take a lot of work.

2) You MUST make sure that bottom of the pool is pulled out to make a true circle. It is easy to be lazy with this because when there is no water in the pool it can look “good enough,” but if you have an oval there is a chance that the water will push out and start to flow out once it is filled.

3) If you plan to put this away year after year get a ground cloth. If the pool is on grass the bottom is IMPOSSIBLE to clean. At the price, I would recommend throwing it out at the end of the season.

4) The pump is very basic. You will need to add chemicals to keep it clean. Get a net to clean the big stuff out.

For the $60-100 price tag you can’t really go wrong if what you are looking for is some simple fun and a chance to cool off.

It’s not a ten min. job, but worth the extra effort

 September 28, 2000
By Amazon Customer "nescafay"
Finding the right location is the key. The spot you choose must be level. Once that is done the rest is cake. I’m a single mom and I put the pool together in about an hour and a half. The leveling took 2 days! Still theres no sand needed and the ground cover that was included is perfact.This pool is very easy to maintain,but if you hang on the sides of the pool ( like kids do ) you could very easily lose gallons of water and if your on a spring or well it’s important to know.

Best 60 bucks I’ve spent on my son…

 May 4, 2009
By J. Simpson
MAKE the ground flat…I dug out a space for it in my yard, built a little retaining wall around it with cheap paver bricks, filled the area with sand, leveled the sand, and voila. I leave the pool up in the winter with a cover over it, add the algae-cide and chlorine in the spring and its good as new. This is the best 60-70 dollars I’ve ever spent on my son. He, my nephews, and any other visitors play for hours and hours in the summer time…absolutely awesome for the money. I run the pump on a timer, 8 hours a day, add about 1 – 3 oz of chlorine granules a day in the hot summer, shock it after storms or heavy use, and it stays clear and clean. The directions clearly state that you must set up on level ground. It will collapse under the weight of the water as soon as a little one leans on an uneven side, so DO NOT USE IT ON UN-LEVEL SURFACES. We are off aprox 1″ from side to side and that is about the most you can go without probs. I even take dips after mowing the lawn or working in the yard, and my wife and I use it like a cool-tub for romantic eve’s. Nice to sit and sip on wine on a hot August night ; )


 July 5, 2000
Getting it level was a nightmare for me, but once we got it right, we love it. My grandchildren do not want to play in their pool at home now because they love mine. I have about a dozen intex floats and water toys. I just think the set up was harder than I expected.

Some work then lots of fun

 July 20, 2001
By Eileen
I am a single mom and was looking for a pool a little larger than the blow up pools you can now buy, but my main factor was that I needed one that was easy to set up. After reading many online reviews and finding no positive reviews for the steel sided pools I decided to purchase this one. NO …. it does not set up in 10 minutes but I was able to set it up by myself. My first mistake, what I thought was level ground was not! I needed to drain the pool and with only a little water left in it move it around the yard to find a level spot which much to my dismay there is no completely level ground in my back yard. I picked the least level spot and took my chances and filled the pool. (Oh by the way, make sure you have an electric pump to fill the ring or you will be totally exhausted by the time you finishing pumping) Once I found a spot it was fairly easy and even though the ground wasnt completely level it filled nicely. The filter was also very easy to install. You will have to take a sample of the water to a pool suppy store for testing. They will then let you know what chemicals need to be added and how to maintain the pool. It will take one full day to add chemicals and let them cirrculate in the pool before the kids can swim. You may also want to buy a skimmer to help keep the pool clean as there is no vacumn attachment. My 6 yr. old daughter and her friends are totally enjoying the pool, its hard to get them to come out for dinner!!! We adults can enjoy it to as it is big enough to put a raft in and get some sun!!

If you understand and accept the limitations you will not be disappointed

 July 30, 2012
By Paddy
The cons first – because if you understand them and your setup will work within the limitations, this has been a fantastic pool so far after one month. Will update if things change.

Big Limitation:
Yes the ground must be level. My installation is on a patio that slopes toward the yard for drainage, with a difference in height of about 2 inches from one side to the other. It still works for me, with the water level being slightly up on the inflatable ring on the low side, and at the bottom of the ring on the high side.

Unless you want to regularly refill the 1,500 gallons in this pool (which takes about 3 hours with a garden hose at reasonable pressure) you will need chemicals. I have never dealt with treating a pool before, but so far it has been easy. If you take a sample to your local pool store within an hour after collecting it, they can analyze and tell you what you need. Two things they may recommend that you don’t necessarily need: water hardener (why is soft water bad? open to comments…) and cyanuric acid (slows down the loss of chlorine due to UV/sun, if you cover your pool this loss is already greatly minimized). The only two chemical items I have found that are needed are chlorine and PH adjusters.

Some have recommended salt water kits to get away from the chemical cost and maintenance burden. I believe the salt water kits can be purchased on Amazon for about $150, so you can weigh if this is a suitable option for you.

The filter in the filter pump does get dirty and probably should be changed every couple of weeks. The filter can be taken out and rinsed to prolong life. The instructions state to remove the circulation inlet and outlet housings inside the pool and replace with the included rubber plugs, although this is a pain due to tight fits. It is not ideal, but if you work quickly you can remove the filter top, pull the filter and replace the top without losing too much water. It is a bit tricky to get the o-ring seal back in place but it can be done. The Type A filters that my included model 603 pump uses vary widely in price online, but I found a 12-pack on Amazon for $36 ($3/filter). Most in-store sales seem to be about twice that. Some folks comment online that they “rotate” their filters, reusing them after they have been cleaned and then dried while using another filter in the mean time.

Possible concern:
Some others have mentioned that the pump is undersized/fails soon. So far this has not happened to me. My pump is rated for 503 gph, so in theory it could filter the entire pool in 3 hours.

Installation Tips:
Initially do not blow up the inflatable ring all the way. This allows more flexibility in repositioning the ring as the pool is filling. You MUST keep the ring inside of the base while filling. It may not be required but I monitored and adjusted during the entire filling process. I did not do this the first time and had to abort after an hour of filling.

Use the blue checkered grid on the inside pool bottom. This is a great visual aid to check alignment. As the instructions state, fill about an inch in the bottom of the pool and then use this weight for stability as you move around the perimeter pulling the bottom outwards and tight. It takes time but you can virtually eliminate all wrinkles.

If you install on top of stamped concrete, you will probably want a tarp underneath. Otherwise the stamp ridges will definitely be felt as you walk in the pool, and at the worst if they have sharp edges might damage the pool floor.

If you do only have a couple of inches change in elevation across the pool, it should still work fine. You will however notice once filled that the pool still “leans” downhill. This has not been a problem for us.

Highly recommended:
A cover. This keeps out debris and lengthens the life of your chlorine. Despite negative reviews, the Intex cover made for this size pool (12′ x 30″) worked great for me. Just realize that in actual application, it will not look like any of the product pictures. They show the cover taut across the top, while it actually will be concave and touching the water surface. It has holes to keep rain water from pooling. Here is Texas, it acts as quite a heater too so remove it and allow the pool to cool prior to getting in.

Bottom line:
The above tips may sound like a lot, but in reality they all make much more sense when you are installing and using the pool and will save a lot of time rather than adding.

We love it! No leaks. The water height is above 25″ and is perfect for our young ones. These pool kits can typically be found at local Academy stores for the same price as online. We just purchased in July 2012 for approximately $85 and feel it is well worth the money. It does seem like a pain that the product must be returned to the manufacturer and not the point of sale if problems are experienced.

UPDATE 05/2014: It’s dead. The upper inflatable ring has an air leak. I’ve done the soapy water test, and shoved every inch of it under water with the pool 3/4 full, but find no bubbles. I can only guess the ring is not fully enclosed on its own, it must be joined down inside the pool walls. My leak must be escaping there where I cannot get to it or see it, because it is fast and if it had been accessible I would have seen it during my checks.

Its been a good run, I don’t regret a thing. I still feel this was a great value for the money for the two seasons I got out of it. I originally looked for a direct replacement. For some reason Academy doesn’t carry this unit any more. The kids are getting bigger, so I’ve gone for a larger metal frame pool this time around.

Even fun for adults!

 July 20, 2010
By M. L. Davis
Set up:

My husband and I toyed around with the idea of having an in-ground pool installed, but since we are newlyweds and still working on finances, we decided to get a cheapie above-ground pool to tide us over (no pun intended!) It was a pain to set up at first, when we tried to install it on what seemed to be the level part of our yard. Trust me, no matter how level an area seems to be, it isn’t. We took it down and moved it to our concrete patio. The instructions say not to install on concrete, but the Intex website said it was fine as long as a ground cover was used. We set up the pool again to find that our seemingly level patio was far from being level at all. Since it was such a cheap pool, we decided to level it by stuffing some old cushions underneath the lower sides after it was emptied, then we filled it back up. It took a few people and a little effort but now the pool is at near-capacity and swims great!

This pool DEFINITELY needs chemicals. The filter is basically useless, except to circulate water around. About 2 weeks after we set the pool up, my husband and I both got TERRIBLE ear infections from the water. Seriously, I had never been in so much pain. My ears bled from the inside and I had an eardrum rupture. I refused to get in the water for 3 weeks after that. Finally we got test strips that tested the Ph, chlorine, alkalinity, etc and got the appropriate chemicals to keep the water clean and healthy.

My husband and I love it. It’s perfect for relaxing in the evenings or for getting a tan. We can both fit full-sized floats inside and relax together. It’s also fun to walk around the inside perimeter in a circular path (say, counter-clockwise) and create a sort of whirlpool-like current. When you stop and sit down in the water it pushes you around like a lazy river. It’s so much fun! I giggle like a little girl when we do that! Or you can create the whirlpool and try to swim against the current and go nowhere! That’s great for exercise and it’s fun, too.

Despite being moved several times, drained, refilled, and abused by our concrete flooring, this pool has been quite durable. Even my 2 poodles with long toenails jump up on the inflated ring side and watch us swim, and they’ve yet to puncture the side or the ring. This is our first year of use, so I am not sure how it will be next year if we keep this one though.

I highly recommend this pool for it’s size, price, and fun factor. It’s just enough to bring summer smiles!


 May 12, 2001
By Amazon Customer "Joey"
This pool, as discribed by others, does not set up in 10 minutes as advertised, unless you have an electric air pump to set it up…. If the ground is not exactly level you are unable to get a full 36″ of water in the pool. The pump seems to work well with the pool even though it only filters 1/5 of the pool water an hour. It seems to be easy to keep the chlorine level and ph balanced with the pool.

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